Problem Set 2

Exercises are taken from the textbook chapters. Maximum score for this problem set is 26 points and the due date is Wednesday, September 29th, 2021 (11:59PM Eastern Time)

  • Exercise 2.1: (a) 5 points. (b) 5 points.
  • Exercise 3.5: (a) 2 points, (b) 2 points, (c) 2 points.
  • Exercise 3.6: (a) 1 point, (b) 2 points (c) 2 points.
  • Exercise 3.7: (a) 1 point, (b) 1 point (c) 2 point.
  • Survey: 1 point. After submitting the survey, write the keyword at the end of your written submission.

Exercise 2.1 (a), Exercise 3.5 (a-b), Exercise 3-7 (a-c) are coding problems. You can work directly in Deepnote. Once you are satisfied with your work, download the final version of each of the notebooks and upload all of them

Exercise 2.1 (b), Exercise 3.5 (c), Exercise 3.6 (a-c) asks for a qualitative answer and all answers should be in your submitted pdf.

You will submit four files for this problem set:

  • Problem Set 2 written problems. All written problems (Exercise 2.1 (b), Exercise 3.5 (c), Exercise 3.6 (a-c)) belong in this submission, as well as the survey code. Please submit one PDF for all written problems.
  • Problem Set 2 notebook problems. The final versions of your notebooks: reflected_inertia.ipynb, planar_manipulator.ipynb, rigid_transforms.ipynb (downloaded from Deepnote). Please double check that the notebook you are submitting has exactly this name.
When submitting to Gradescope, include all four files in the same upload. This way, the autograder will be able to grade your notebooks, and the teaching staff will be able to read your written work. For the notebook problems, Gradescope will give you a grade within approximately 10-15 seconds. You can resubmit as many times as you like before the deadline.

Finally, we have a small survey. After you take the survey, you will be given a code. Include this code in your written submission.