Problem Set 5

Exercises are taken from the textbook chapters. Maximum score for this problem set is 37 points and the due date is Wednesday, October 13, 2021 (11:59PM Eastern Time)

  • Exercise 4.10: (a) 2 point, (b) 2 point, (c) 6 points, (d) 5 points.
  • Exercise 5.1: (a) 5 points, (b) 3 points, (c) 3 points, (d) 3 points, (e) 3 points, (f) 2 points, (g) 2 points.
  • Survey: 1 point. After submitting the survey, write the keyword at the end of your written submission.

You will submit one file for this problem set:

  • Problem Set 5 written problems. All written problems (Exercise 4.10, Exercise 5.1) belong in this submission, as well as the survey code. Please submit one PDF for all written problems. Note that your solutions to written problems only need to be within the PDF and do not need to be duplicated in the notebooks. Please ensure that if you are submitted scans of handwritten solutions that the text is legible.
Note: There is a notebook that goes along with Exercise 5.1. However, it is there to help you answer the question. You do not need to submit it and it is not autograded. In gradescope there is an "autograder" section. However, it worth 0 points to reflect that, again, there is nothing autograded on this homework assignment. You only need to submit a PDF with your written answers, there is no code to submit. You can resubmit as many times as you like before the deadline.

Finally, we have a small survey. After you take the survey, you will be given a code. Include this code in your written submission.